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What are the features of our tij eggs-specific inkjet printer?

1. Printing content:
The printer can print Chinese, English and numbers, such as brand and trademark of your company, origin, nutrient composition and grade of eggs, your contact phone or contacts, production date and expiry date, batch number and security code and other variable information symbols. And it can largely improve the management of the product quality and the warehouse sales.
2. Printing speed:
The printer has six heads, and it can print 30pcs eggs once time, which is in high speed. With high accuracy, no egg is left. Red, green, pink and other colors are all can be used.
Two printing speed are available. One is the standard printing speed for printing 16000 eggs per hour, another is the enhanced one, with the speed 32000 eggs per hour.
3. Low rate of broken eggs:
With triple protection of superfine anti-collision system, damping system and stable speed, there is probability of 1/300000 to break the eggs, which is far ahead of the industry. With such technology, it is effectively reduce the consumption of enterprises.
4. Pure printing colors:
Extracting from plants, the printing colors with chili red, apple green and eggplant blue are pure and natural.
5. Clear characters:
Characters printed clear and no ink spilled out , the eggs can be kept neat and beautiful.
6. low cost:
The printer avoids expense from the factory to customers, as a result, it saves cost for customer.
7. Stable performance
With modular design, each modular has been tested strictly, which makes it can work well and work longer.
8. No training required
The printer can print once it turned on and there is no need for complicated training.
9. One ink cartridge can print about 100,000 eggs.
The conveyor belt is in two-meter and the speed is 10 meters per minute.
If any problems about the tij eggs-specific inkjet printer, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.
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