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How to operate the easy portable tij hand jet printer

First, turn on the power, press function button and choose load file, then find the file you need, wait for 3 seconds after confirmation. Click on "print" button (at this point the print button is red, and it is printing).
Second, press function button and choose edit (wait 2 seconds), please click on "the text" if you need enter the Chinese, English, digital symbol, and then click on the white space. Press the button "Edit", and click "input information" and enter what you need (Press the EN key to switch between Chinese and English, press Caps to switch case), and click "complete". After adjust the fonts and its size, moving it to the middle of the white space. Click "file" and then "save or save as"(input file name). Press "OK", then "file", at last "exit".
Third, press function button and choose edit pictures. insert U disk (file name must be Arabic numerals) and it can directly imported from the U disk to the coding machine. Click file, then choose your file from the mobile device files. Press OK at last.
Moreover, press function button and choose "enable screensavers"( print for a long time can enable screen saver). And click anywhere to cancel the screensaver.
At last, first stop printing and then click shutdown on the screen, and then turn off the power.
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Here is the website of the tij 2.5 technology handheld inkjet printer with ink cartridge: