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Promotional gifts-How to improve keywords ranking-28 SEO kills

  • Author:Julia
  • Release on:2015-06-24
   Now More and more business man have their own website to show their products, and they want to promoto their products' keywords rank in google or other Search engine,so there are one question: how to make our keywords to enter google or other engine's first page at very competitive station. Here I come out 28 types to improve products'keywords like promotional gifts in google or other engines.
 1.URL use keywords like customized plush toy
 2.Title use keywords with one to three keywords
 3.Keywords of tag use keywords
 4.Description use main keywords for twice times.
 5.Content occur keywords
 6.The first paragraph and last paragraph occur keywords
 7. H1and H2 occur keywords
 8. Picture's file name include keywords
 9.The link include keywords
 10.The density of keywords within 6-8%
 11.The keywords use roughness or diagonal loading
 12.Original content best, avoid by all means is repeatedly reproduced content
 13.content independence, and at least 30% other pages
 14.1000-2000 word, reasonable segmentation 
 15.Regular updates, preferably every day
 16.Have content focuses on the page keywords and related the whole
 17.Have the comment function, the comment appears in the keywords
 18. High PR value of the site links
 19. Content related pages of the import link
 20.Import link anchor text contains the page keywords
 21.Anchor text exists in the content of the web page
 22.anchor text around the emergence of relevant keywords
 23.Import links exist for more than 3 months
 24.Link to the page of the link is less than 100 
 25.Import links from different IP addresses
 26.Import link natural increase
 27.Anchor text diversity (e.g., SEO and SEO one hundred thousand why)
 28. More add link from other authoritative website
Above keywords of promotion method ,if we comand it ,we sure can make our products keywords  like promotional gifts on the fist page of google or other serach engines.