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The story of Raincoat

  • Author:laraine
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-06-27

Suzhou is a beautiful city, where many famous people is in favor of. It’s a happy thing to live and work here. But when the rainy season comes, endless raindrop make us boring. But the funny thing is that every year at this time, the street will be full of colorful and various raincoats , which is a smart scenery. Today let me share something about raincoat with you.

Considering the first raincoat, here is a fun story.

McIntosh, a worker at a Scotland rubber factory , who is unable to buy raincoat due to life distress, every time it comes to rainy day, he has to go to work in rain. One day, he accidentally stained rubber juice on his clothes, which is unable to wash it out, so he had to go home in dirty clothes. However McIntosh was pleasantly surprised to find that the clothes worn inside is not wet, then he decide to rubber his clothes with full of juice, which is the world's first raincoat.

Raincoat is made of waterproof fabric. The general material is tape, tarps and plastic, PVC, PE. Nowadays people focus on using breathable waterproof fabric to make it feel comfortable, commonly apply a kind of special nylon and Gore-Tex.

Raincoat have many patterns, styles, such as poncho, bicycle poncho and so on, here presents several smart photos for your appreciate.

It is funny, right? click here to know more interesting things about raincoat,