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About Us

     Suzhou cheef technology Co.,Ltd are found in 2005, at first ,we provide service of inkjetprinter
and from 2006,we start to produce coding printers,inkjet and laser coding printers,also have our own brand 'Cheef" for printers; Our printers big strong points are the stable feature ,to save maintainance cost, and easy operation,even the guys not know the printers before, and easy to know how to operation. The more, we have many on line operational videos for clients to read and learn.
   After three years experience,from 2009,we develop
and produce consumables by ourself, and have the brand of cheef on 2015.
     Cheef ink manufactures a full line of high quality, low cost alternative inks, makeup, and cleaners
for Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ), Drop on Demand (DOD) and High-Resolution industrial printers and coders.
Innovative technology is the core of our business, and our inks are trusted alternatives to products
from many OEMs including Videojet, Domino, Imaje, Marsh, Citronix, Linx and more.
    Cheef inks are used in a wide variety of industries for many different applications, including
the automotive, food, beverage, electronic, consumer products, wire cable, pharmaceutical Industries
and so on.
    Cheef ink can used on metal, glass, PVC, other plastics, and laminated paper with pigmented inks
for use on darker substrates and available in white, gray, silver, and light blue,and so on.
    All of our inks are developed in our on-site lab which enables us to design and manufacture inks
and fluids for the most difficult applications.
   We use only the highest quality dyes, pigments and materials in our inks.
   At cheef Ink we possess a well-equipped Research and Development facility alongside substantial internal
resources to offer custom-made products for specific applications.
   DOD inks are carefully formulated using a four-stage filtration process, ensuring no sediment, sludge or residue.
   This minimizes print head maintenance and results in less downtime.Cheef ink takes great pride in the
high-quality, innovative ink solutions we’ve developed using our tested and proved R&D process methodology.
Special ink applications include:UN-erased glass inks,high adhesion ink on PPR,PE pipe,High temperature ink,
Non-transfer inks for cable and wire printing,Custom ink development for special applications,Hard pigmented white,
blue and green inks.We can solve issues within a wide area ranging from the traditional printing or marking methods
to providing high-tech inkjet fluids,characterization and optimization of various properties including print quality
and functional performance.
   Contact us now ,we will give you best high quality ink and best service.Give us a chance,
we will be your best partner.

    We do the ISO 9001 and implement as the process ,we have the R&D to design the LOGO and 
bring creation ,and QC to ensure the product quality during production and after production.