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printers and consumables for sale

Our company is focused on machinery and industrial equipment in the long term. We can be called an identity solution provider, and provide appropriate solutions for major industries, such as the solution for the identification, traceability and anti-counterfeiting of products. And it can be involved in a wide range of industries, such as food and beverage alcohol, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, building materials, pipe, wire and cable, spare parts and other industries. Committed to In order to pursue product stability, reduce user cost and improve the overall efficiency of customer equipment, we are committed to improving the identification of products and technologies to meet the needs of customers.

The products are mainly divided into three categories.
First, we provide customers replaced inks or original inks for international brand printers, such as videojet, domino, hitachi, etc. Solvents, other equipment parts related products, such as paging machine, are also available.
Secondly, we provide customers with second-hand inkjet printers, as well as national inkjet printers.
Third, in recent years, we have devoted ourselves to the development and research of laser machines and tij handheld printers, which appeals to more and more factory.

If any problems about the consumables and all kinds of printers, please feel free to contact us.We will reply you as soon as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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