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The Origin of the Christmas Tree

  • Author:Terry
  • Release on:2015-06-28

Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany, then gradually became popular in the world scope, and became one
of the most famous traditional Christmas celebrations. Generally people put some tree evergreen plants, such as pine
 trees, get into the house or in the outdoor with Christmas lights and color decoration during Christmas time. And they
 put an angel or stars on the top of the tree.

Historical origin

Like Christmas originated from pagan customs, the Christmas tree also has a long period of history, and become a universal
phenomenon in many cultures in winter.

The first Christmas tree

Allegedly, Christmas tree first appeared in ancient Rome in mid-December saturnalia. In the 8th century German missionary
 Nichols with longitudinal tree to el nino. Subsequently, the Germans made December 24 as the festival of Adam and eve. They
put the "paradise tree" at home, which is the symbol of the garden of Eden, and hang bread cookies on behalf of the holy,
symbolizing atonement. And they lit a candle on the ball, a symbol of Christ. Until the 16th century, the religious reformer Martin
 Luther designed a Christmas tree with candles and ball in the home to obtain a starry Christmas night.

A gift on the Christmas tree

About the origin of the Christmas tree, however, Western has another way of saying: there was a kind farmer, on Christmas
day, enthusiastically hosted a homeless child. At their parting, the child broke off a branch and stuck in the ground, when the
branch immediately big trees. Then the child pointed to the trees and said to the farmer: "every year on this day, the tree will
be full of gifts and the ball. This is to repay your kindness."So nowadays, people can see the Christmas tree always hanging
up the little gifts and balls.