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Inkjet printer technical guidance-1

We have produced a lot of text and video materials in response to the problem that many users are not familiar with the use and maintenance of inkjet printers.

We will explain each model by model. I hope that everyone will read my text information and find the video or text of the technical guidance you need. These text and video materials include equipment repairs and replacement parts, and some routine troubleshooting. There are also videos of installation and debugging of some equipment.

The overall length is relatively long, you can use the search function to directly find the text or video you need, such as searching with keywords.

We will continue to update, in accordance with the order of the chapters.

The first one is the understanding of the accessories of Domino GP-A120/A220 series. The following video will have the names of the main accessories of the machine.

The following videos are the repair and assembly of Domino GP-A120/A220 series machines:

1. Domino A120 assembly video-valve assembly-module pipeline and sensor assembly-viscometer assembly-pump cleaning and assembly-liquid level sensor replacement

2 Domino A120 assembly video-Viscometer troubleshooting

3 Domino A120 assembly video-ink flow

4 Domino A120 assembly video-valve cleaning and precautions

5 Domino A120 assembly video-Ink diverter block explanation-