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How to disassemble Imaje 9232 inkjet printer mixing cylinder?

How to disassemble Imaje 9232 inkjet printer mixing cylinder

We take the consumables off and remove the screws:

This one can be taken off:

First we unplug the lines behind it:

Unplug this:

Let's take it off:

We cut off the pipe with a knife, and we must take it off:

Now we can remove the screws on it:

Then take it down:

Then we'll take the screw off:

And this screw, just loosen it a little bit:

And here's the screw, also loosen a little:

Then you can take this cover off:

We took the two fixed columns apart:

The middle of this can be taken off

Then take off these retaining rods:

We have taken off the retaining rod:

Let's loosen the two screws:

These are the screws of the solvent transfer pump.

And then we take it out, and after we take it out, there's a ground line, and we take it down:

This one's completely taken down:

This is the solvent transfer pump, solvent add valve, ink add valve:

The valve behind the ink-add valve is called the ink surface valve:

Then the valve next to the ink surface valve is called a constant liquid surface valve:

Then this is the pressure sensor, this is the main filter: