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Do you know the precautions for the mixing cylinder installation of the IMAJE 9232 inkjet printer

Do you know the precautions for the mixing cylinder installation of the IMAJE 9232 inkjet printer?

If you want to install a mixer cylinder installation, there are some considerations we would like to talk about,

This is called an ink silo:

There is this above this O-shaped ring must be installed in place, do not twist, otherwise it will leak:

There are also O-rings here:

Because they are generally fine, try not to move them:

If we pull it out, then we should note that this O-ring must be installed:

This is called a high-level groove, which measures the level of fluid; This is called a level detection tank and is connected to a level detector:

This needle is going to be inserted here:

This is a 154 solvent cavity:

If this O-ring is not installed in place, if the viscosity is high, the solvent will continue to be added:

Because the O-ring here will leak ink, it does not reach 154 ml, it will always add all the time, but add it will flow into the cavity, and then cause the ink viscosity is very low.

Let's take a look at the installation of this ink cavity:

Note that it has a card slot here, we must get stuck in the card slot:

We can't put it on it like this:

Side and opposite is the same, there is a slot, to get it stuck inside the slot, after the card is good, we press, check there are no gaps.

In addition, when installing the six fixed pillars, first install the two pillars:

Because only the screw cap needs to be installed under these two pillars.

We fixed it, and then install it, installation time to pay attention to, this needle to be placed in the liquid level testing tank:

Then we point to the screw hole:

When installing, these screws must be tightened very tightly:

Once installed, we install the level sensor above:

The plug of the ink discharge pipe must be installed in place. After installation, the locking pipe must be locked tightly:

Hang to this position:

Then check whether the pipes above the electronic valve are loose and installed properly:

And this pressure sensor, each up and down a tie, tie it up and see if it shakes:

The rear lines check to see if they are loose, plugged in, and if they are inserted incorrectly:

Then we plug this line in:

This is the line of the ink pump, plug it in here:

This level sensor checks for looseness and shaking:

This screw must be tightened or a variety of faults will be reported:

Then the mixing cylinder is installed: