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IMAJE 9040 Inkjet Printer Repair Guide - How to adjust the ink line?

If the ink line is a little bit off, we'll spin this, and then the nozzle can be adjusted left and right:

If the ink wire deviation is very large, let's loosen this screw a little bit with this screw:

Then adjust the screw:

If the ink line is not very large, the two screws do not move:

Just spin this, turn left or right, it can also adjust up and down and left and right:

But if the deviation is outrageous, or if the fixing sleeve has been removed and reinstalled, then we must first identify this one, and first make a big adjustment:

Then tune this and fine-tune it:

If these two places have been adjusted, but they are still not adjusted well, or there are still some deviations, we will adjust the recovery pipe, but only if the nozzle is unblocked, that is to say, the ink line deviation is not caused by nozzle blockage.

How to adjust the recycle pipe?

First of all, loosen the three screws by one turn:

Then up and down, we can use a slotted screwdriver to raise the stainless steel rod up a little, and we can also fine tune it left and right a little:

But the three screws must be loosened first. Otherwise, when you adjust it, it is easy to break, because it is easy to deform. Once it deform, it is useless.