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How to deal with the replacement of recycling module and long-time shutdown of the IMAJE 9040 machin

Then, the whole recycling module can be replaced. When replacing, you can choose not to remove the short screw, and then remove the remaining two long screws:

But when dismantling, we should pay attention to the fact that there are three very small O-rings around the column. Do not remove the O-ring. If it is removed, even if we screw it tightly, it will leak ink. We need to pay special attention to this.

If you don't use it for a long time, if you don't use it for a month, it is recommended that you clean the ink discharge pipe. If you don't use it for half a month or a week, we must shut it down normally, and then inject some detergent into the recycling tank.

After filling the cleaning solution, first of all, this is the manual recovery valve. Now it is vertical, that is, it is open. Then we select it and rotate it 90 degrees to make it horizontal, so that it will not contact with the air, and then the recovery pipeline will not be blocked:

But if we don't use it for a long time, then we need to use normal ink discharge and clean the pipeline.