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How to replace the main filter and online filter of Imaje 9040 / S8 inkjet printer?

When replacing the filter, the inkjet printing should be switched off.

If you want to replace the main filter, you need to remove the main filter from the bezel.

First loosen the two screws a little:

Then take it down and the main filter is here:

Then remove the screws:

Gently pull it out:

Let's take out the main filter and replace it with a new installation:

After the replacement is complete, put the main filter into the set, install the screws and tighten the screws, the main filter is replaced:

Then fix it to the bezel:

Let's see how to replace the online filter, first we pull out the module:

Then, this one is the online filter:

If we change the filter, first we will spin off both sides of the filter:

Then we find a new filter to replace it, install the connectors on both sides and tighten them:

The online filter replacement is complete.

Then we'll put the module back in place: