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How to assemble and clean the valve module of Domino A120 inkjet printer?

Valves, except for one exhaust valve is special, and then the rest are universal. The exhaust valve is a white plastic block.

The difference between the exhaust valve and the other valves is the shaft core, and the neck length of the exhaust valve's axis is longer:

Then we assemble the valve:

We can assemble all the valves before installing them.

Some machines placed for too long, the valve will stick, you can take it apart and soak it, but because the valve has an O-ring on it, so can not carry out ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise easy to break and deform.

This is the O-ring of the base, which is not easily broken:

However, this O-ring is relatively fine, if the ultrasonic heating cleaning or wait until it is too long by dry ink corrosion is more severe, it will be easy to break and then leak ink, then we need to replace the O-ring. If ink leakage occurs, it is usually here that ink leaks rather than the base:

Both the A-Series and the A plus Series have six valves with the same name. But their valves are in a different order because their ink shunt blocks are different.