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How to maintain Citronix ci1000 series inkjet printer?

Drain the ink first. Run the ink pump, then unplug the ink supply tube and insert it into the waste bottle to drain the original ink clean:

Then we plug the ink supply back into its original place:

Then we add 1L cleaning fluid to the inside and cover it:

Run the ink pump, give it about 30 speeds, and let it circulate:

Then we turn it on. Power-on cycle, cycle for about 20 minutes:

Then after running for more than 20 minutes, we stop the machine, unplug the ink supply tube, and drain the waste liquid:

Under normal circumstances, like this cycle wash, if it is maintenance, to wash four times.

Then wash again, then run the ink pump, let it circulate, we run the ink pump for about ten minutes, and then we turn the machine on, and then let it recycle for about 20 minutes, that is to say, every time you wash to cycle for 20 minutes. After the cycle, we press the machine's stop button, and then we drain the waste liquid out again. Wash four times if maintained.

After cleaning the machine four times, the lines have been thoroughly washed.

Then we replace the main filter, as well as the solvent filter, and the recycling filter with a new one, loosen the filter and tighten it with a new one:

Then replace this with new ink and pour 750ml of new ink into it:

After the new ink is poured in, then we can run the ink pump, give it a speed of about 30, let it run for about 10 minutes, and then we can cancel it and click on the power on on it.