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How to install the front baffle and solvent box and ITM02 Maintenance Kit of Domino AX150?

Let's install the front baffle first,

First install the left side and put it in:

Then, the baffle installation is completed:

Then we install the solvent tank,

Install the air control pipe here, be sure to install it in place and insert it with force:

Then clip it in. There are two pillars corresponding to two holes:

Then we insert it in, and we must firmly plug it in, because if the two holes and sealing rings are not firmly inserted, air will leak:

Screw in black screws:

Then remove the Yellow plug on the outside of itm02 Maintenance Kit:

Then these O-rings are here:

Here's the chip:

When installing the Maintenance Kit, the two must be in place, otherwise ink will leak:

Installation complete: