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How to handle the charging detection failure of the Domino white ink machine?

The fault was caused by a number of reasons.

The most common is the ink point split is not good, if the ink point split is not good, what do we do?

We need to see if the actual value of viscosity and the target value is very different, if the difference is very large, the viscosity is abnormal, easy to lead to bad ink point split, ink point split bad will lead to bad charging:

Another is that if the viscosity is normal, but the ink point split is not good, we have to choose "adjustment":

Then there's a modulation voltage, and we're going to change and increase this modulation voltage:

Press this key to increase the modulation voltage:

Let's see if this ink point splits well, if we turn on, we'll look at this position with a magnifying glass, look at this gap, see if it's good to split the ink dot:

It's good that we can see at least four dots.

This is a charging detection failure caused by a bad split in the ink point.

If the ink point split is also good, viscosity is also normal, if also reported charging detection failure, this time we need to replace this charging slot to try: