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How to handle Domino white ink machine printing is not good?

The printing effect is not good, how to deal with it?

First we look at our parameters, viscosity, pressure. The pressure must be very stable and then the viscosity should be normal:

Then, let's look at this modulation voltage, that is, how the ink point splits, according to this value, in 3,500 or less than 3,000 can be:

In general, if printing is not good, first we need to see if the ink line position is correct:

If the ink line position is correct, let's look at the viscosity and pressure:

Viscosity and pressure If there's nothing wrong with it, let's continue to look at ink point splits:

If the ink point split is not good, we adjust the ink point split by adjusting the modulation voltage until the ink point split is good:

If the ink points split well, then we print again, in general, it's all right.

If the ink point split is also good, then the viscosity and pressure are normal, the ink line position is also correct, but the printing is not good, then we need to maintain the machine.