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How to deal with the nozzle blockage of Hitachi PXR inkjet printer?

If the print head has not fallen, the screw has not moved, but the ink line is blocked, generally nozzle blocked.

If the nozzle is slightly blocked, click "Maintenance Operation" and then there is a "Nozzle Reverse Cleaning" in "Cycle Control", and if the nozzle is not very blocked, we can use "Nozzle Back Cleaning" and then click Perform:

Then we take a cleaning pot and spray the liquid against the nozzle:

About a minute of cleaning, it will break. After the break, then if we don't feel clean, we can wash it a few more times. Select "Nozzle Reverse Cleaning" and then click perform and wash for about 1 minute, about 1 minute at a time. Take a cleaning pot, be sure to point it in the middle of the nozzle, and then clean it. This is a very light case of blocking.

If we wash it many times and it's not smooth, then we need to take the nozzle off. If you want to remove the nozzle, be sure to shut down, and then we'll take the two screws off first:

After removing the screws, the charging slot can then be removed.

We can then use a small cross screw and then spin off the four screws on the nozzle:

The nozzle can then be removed.

After the nozzle is removed, it is cleaned in ultrasound and after cleaning we can install it.