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How to supply and discharge ink for Hitachi PXR inkjet printer?

I'll talk about how this machine supplies ink, that is, how to supply ink after the original ink has been discharged.

This is a solvent bottle with 500ml of solvent inside:

Then pour more than 500 ml of ink into the ink bottle:

Then we go to the main directory, click "Maintenance Operation", then click "Cycle Control", then click on the next page, select "Ink In" and then click Execute:

After about 4 minutes, the ink will fill the mixing cylinder.

Look at the machine draining ink. First we spin the recycling tube down, then we put it in an empty bottle:

Then we select Discard Ink, and then click Execute:

It is also executed for 4 minutes, when the ink is completely discharged, the mixing cylinder has been completely empty, and then we install the recycling tube back.