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How to deal with recovery and high-pressure failures of the IMAJE S8 inkjet printer?

We look at the common problems, the most common problem is nozzle blockage, ink line deviation, and then how to deal with it?

Then we need to select "nozzle dredge", and press the OK key, it will be dredged all the time:

In this position, it will always dredge:

When the ink line is sprayed to the correct position of the recycling tank, we will cancel it.

This is the nozzle dredge.

After the nozzle is dredged, we need to wash the nozzle here, and then let it air dry, or blow it dry with ear ball:

Be sure to blow dry, otherwise the high-voltage board and charging tank will give an alarm if they are wet.

The above is a case of ink line deviation. If the ink line deviates and the nozzle is blocked, we will use "Nozzle Unblocking".

If the nozzle is unobstructed, but the ink line still deviates, we need to loosen this screw a little:

Then there's a very small slotted screw here. You need to adjust the screw hole:

In this way, we can let the ink line swing left and right until the ink line is adjusted to the correct position of the recycling tank.

If you want to adjust up and down, we need to adjust this hole:

We use a thin steel wire to poke into the hole, and then move to the left or right, and then we can adjust the ink line height. This is a common recycling failure. If the ink line deviates, it will definitely report a recycling failure.

Then we see how to deal with the high voltage fault,

When reporting the high-voltage fault, we should check whether there is dirty ink, black ink and dry ink on the high-voltage deflector. If there is any, we should clean it:

We wash it like this:

Then the high-pressure deflector must be kept dry, and it must be blown dry after washing.

This is a high voltage fault.

In addition, if the machine is turned on, it can't wash the recovery tank directly. If it washes the recovery tank directly, it will also report high voltage fault. Because the liquid is conductive, it will also report high voltage fault. The high-voltage fault is either the high-voltage deflector is very dirty, or the recovery tank is very dirty, causing it to conduct electricity.