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Deal with IMAJE S8 ink point split and printing effect are not good and unstaled nozzle cover failur

Another problem is that the ink point split is not good, if the ink point split is not good, we open this top cover, and then adjust the hole to slide left or right:

Then look at this point with a magnifying glass:

Until the ink point splits well.

If the ink dot splits well, we can cover the lid:

There is also a warning called ink point detection failure, but also ink point detection is not good, ink point split is not good, the first is to adjust this:

But before we adjust it, we have to see if the viscosity and pressure are normal:

If the pressure and viscosity are not normal, we don't need to adjust, because we are useless, because if your machine itself is not the problem, you adjust it is also useless, so we have to make sure that the viscosity and pressure is normal, and then adjust it.

There is also the inkjet printer did not cover the nozzle cover failure, and then we have to see if the nozzle cover is covered, and whether the magnet on the head cover is missing, if there is a loss it will also report this fault:

Now that the magnet is gone, it will report the fault.

We're going to replace a magnet and put the lid on:

Another problem is that the printing effect is not good, that is, no other fault, but it does not print well. There are several possibilities, first see if the parameters are normal, if the inkjet printer parameters are normal, but it prints bad, and then we look at the ink point split good or bad, ink point split if also, is the printing effect is not very good, that means this machine needs maintenance, machine needs maintenance, cleaning lines, replacement of new ink, may be filter blocked, may also be dirty lines, ink deterioration, are possible, so it needs to be maintained, cleaning pipe, and then change filters.

To replace the filter we just need to replace the filter:

There are a few screws here, and we take them off:

Remove the main filter, then replace it with a new one, cover it, and install the screws, and the main filter will be replaced.

We will clean the lines before replacing this filter.