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Deal with poor printing effect and not printing with photoelectric induction of Citronix ci1000

The poor printing effect is that we print a line of words, only half printed out, or two lines of words, only printed out a line, and then we open the nozzle cover, we see the recycling tank here will hang ink:

Then we wash the recycling bin here, and then turn on and then print, it can print for a while, and then print, print for a period of time, it will accumulate ink here, printing effect is not good:

In this case, we have to check whether the ink line position is correct, if the ink line position is correct, viscosity is normal, ink point split is also very good, but still hanging ink, that means the charging is not good, we can adjust the charging value:

If the charging value is not adjusted well, it can only maintain the machine, perhaps the ink has deteriorated, and then to maintain the machine.

We use photoelectric induction but it does not print, first we look at whether this high pressure is open, that is to say, whether the head cover is covered, the nozzle cover is well, here is a lightning sign, indicating that the head cover is covered, and then the high pressure has started:

If the lightning sign is not displayed in this box, it is normal for the machine not to print, and we need to check that the nozzle cover is covered.

If we print here, it can print:

That means the motherboard is normal.

If it doesn't print with photovoltaics, there are two possibilities. One is that the photoelectric itself is broken, so we're going to replace the photovoltaic.

If we can't print with this once:

That means there's something wrong with the motherboard, so replace one.