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IMAJE 9040 inkjet printer without injection speed or ink point split is not good

If there is no flight time or no jet speed or a bad point split, we can use a magnifying glass to see how the dot split:

If the ink dot splits badly, we'll adjust the hole on the left:

Our correct adjustment should be: we use a hexagonal screwdriver, then spin to the far left, then let it not split, all into a line, and then we slowly use the hexagonal screwdriver to rotate:

Then look here with a magnifying glass:

When you see that there are three or four very round dots below, and there are no small dots between the points and points, there are four dots, the above point is not very round, but it will have an upward small tail, generally tuned so on.

If there is still no injection speed, if the point splits very well, but there is no injection speed, then check the pipe ground line, the pipe ground line may not be connected, or the entire ground line of the machine is not connected. If the ground line is also connected, point split is also good, we look at viscosity, if viscosity is also normal, then we consider the motherboard problem, the motherboard may have a problem, we finally consider the motherboard.

First of all, we look at whether the viscosity is normal, viscosity is normal, whether the ground line is connected, if the ground line is connected, see how the point split, if the point splits well, the ground line is also connected, but it still does not have jet speed, then this situation is likely to be a problem of the motherboard.

Let's look at the back of the machine, this is C1, C1 stands for optoelectronics:

This is T1, and T1 represents the encoder: