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German carnival DerKarneval

  • Author:Candy
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-06-29

Now many people from German are preparing the carnival celebrating promotional gifts, such as the plush toy, badge, costume, mask, hat…and so on.


In the west and southwest German Catholic kibbutz region (katholische Landesteile), people celebrate the "Carnival", in Rhineland (Rheinland) called Karneval, in Bavaria (Bayern) called Fasching, in Pakistan Wuerttemberg (Baden - Wuerttemberg) and Hesse (Hessen) is called Fastnacht.

Enter the carnival time is actually early, and very "strange": at 11:11 on November 11. Around Carnival Association (Karnevalsvereine) celebrations around as long as four months or so, because to celebrate carnival needs to be a lot of preparatory work.

Carnival climax (der Hoehepunkt) is "Rose Monday" (Rosenmontag), Maslenitsa Tuesday (Faschingsdiensttag) and Ash Wednesday (Aschermittwoch). Three days, Mainz, Düsseldorf and other places of large-scale carnival parade (grosse Umzuege) in Cologne, United States. People dressed in fancy dress (verkleiden sich), face mask wearing exaggerated (Masken tragen), dressed as a clown (Clown), Madman (die Narren) took to the streets, happily feast (ausgelassen und froehlich sein).

Cologne Carnival is Germany's most popular carnival. Cologne people are looking forward to this holiday all year round. From midday, the people who have flocked to the streets to watch the procession through the streets. Processions to the crowd after a year they plan to expand the launch of a masterpiece. Both men and women, every year around this time are here to celebrate their "fifth season (fuenfte Jahreszeit"). Clown is an important role in Cologne carnival. At this time, Cologne and many "foreign tourists" have to disguise (sich maskieren).

In Germany, in the form of carnival to celebrate the region's different. Munich held a grand parade on Tuesday (Faschingsdienstag), celebrating the carnival is the main form of large-scale masquerade (Maskenbaelle). Mountain in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) and Lake Constance (Bodensee) of Aleman carnival activities (alemannische Fastnet), a witch (Hexe) and the ancient wooden mask (Holzmasken) many traditional carnival of fire is used get rid of the demons (gegen boese Geister) of.

Dusseldorf from the Rhine to Mei Yinci area, second only to Christmas carnival is the most important holiday. Dusseldorf (Duesseldorf), people are not wearing a bizarre hat is wearing fancy dress, a vehicle large floats (Motivwagen) loaded with political dignitaries and celebrities giant effigy (Riesenfiguren aus Politik und Gesellschaft ), constitute the "Rose Monday" the climax of the parade. Mei Yinci (Mainz) giant Carnival Association Conference (grosse Sitzung des Karnevalsvereins), and even make live television ("live" uebertragen) to many European countries. In 1983 the number of Mei Yinci longest parade, up to 7 kilometers. Dusseldorf revelers candy to onlookers 10,000 tons the largest number of spectators in Cologne from the car, up to 100 people.