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What should be done if the viscosity of cf-7500 inkjet printer is not displayed?

Let's take the top two screws off and then take the board off:

Then unplug the two lines above:

Here we can remove the screws:

Once the screws have been removed, we can remove the board:

Then take off all the screws on it:

Once we've removed all the screws, we can take the lid off:

These are solenoid valves, all numbered on them:

This is the ink core plate:

If we want to remove the ink core plate, take the two screws off directly:

Then we unplug the two lines on the ink core plate, and we have to know which line corresponds to which jack.

Ink plate and solenoid valve are marked, which valve line to plug in which jack, one-to-one correspondence.

For example, this is the jack of the wire of the V6 valve and the V6 valve:

Then we pull it out:

Then remove the filter:

After removing the filter, we pull the tube up and it will fall off:

Then, we fill the earwash ball with a little cleaning fluid:

Then insert the tube into the ear-washing ball and blow it hard with the ear-washing ball to see if the ink will come out here:

This shows that this viscosity, the viscosity measurement here is not blocked.

General viscosity does not show, high viscosity level does not come out, off can not become on case, we measure like this.