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Do you know where the ink flowes from the Domino's A120 inkjet printer?

First of all, the ink should come from the pipe on this side of the main ink tank:

Then enter the pump:

Then from the pump to the main filter:

This is the ink supply valve:

After coming out of the main filter, it goes to the corresponding thick pipe under the ink supply valve, and then comes in and passes through the buffer:

After coming out of the buffer, enter the red ink supply pipe:

Then, the ink supply pipe passes through the ink supply filter and then enters the nozzle:

If it enters the print head, the blue tube is returned, the other one is recycled, and the two are returned.

This is the main flow of ink.

Then, look at this pressure sensor:

Then, a tube of the viscometer is directly connected to the main ink tank:

The other tube of the viscometer is under the corresponding viscosity valve:

Where does the ink in the viscosity valve come from?

It comes directly from the ink path of the ink supply, that is, the ink behind the main filter. As soon as the viscosity valve is opened, the ink will enter the viscometer, and then the viscometer will top the small beads to the highest point and then fall. How long will it take to return to the lowest point, and then measure this value.