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The advantage of tij handheld portable printer

1. The tij handheld portable printer supports Chinese, English, Arabic and Turkish language.
2. The inkjet printer is easy to operate.
3. The inkjet printer use the ink cartridge, which won't block the nozzle. As a result, it is not only keep eco friendly, but save the cost for maintenance.
4. The price is much cheaper than any other inkjet printer, which will be applied to many customers.
5. The jet coder can support many colors and can be used in the same machine at the same time. The color includes red, blue, green, white, black, blue, etc.
6. The printing machine can print date, time, logo, QR code, barcode on various materials.
7. The making machine can print 1-8 lines.
8. The printing shape can be dot matrix and entity.
9. The tij inkjet machine can be used as a portable printer, and it also can be used online in the product assembly line.
10. It uses HP original inkjet engine and better core processor, the system will be much smarter and more stable, and printing effect will be much better.