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Anti-counterfeit and traceability system

 When someone talking about the anti-counterfeiting and traceability system, I think you must have many questions about that. Here we show three aspects about it.
First, what is the anti-counterfeiting and traceability system? This is a system consisting mainly of 5 parts, coding software, inkjet printers, collectors, data acquisition software and traceability systems. The five parts are independent but work as a system. How does it work? First the inkjet printer prints the data from the coding system by connecting the software and the inkjet printer. The data was collected in the collections. And then the data will be transfer into the department concerned by connecting the data acquisition software and traceability system. In short, we can use the principle that one code is equal to one product, to make the product not be imitated any more, which can completely eliminate fake from the root.
Second, why we need such system? With fake goods rampant in the market, it is obvious that the system plays an important role the protect the interest of brands and the rights of consumers. What is most important is that many countries require products identification, especially food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. Therefore, there is no delay of the use of anti-counterfeit and traceability system.
Third, which industry is in need of such system? The application of anti-counterfeit and traceability system can be used in all walks of life. Just as I mentioned in the above paragraph, whether it is the food industry or the cosmetics industry, whether it is agriculture or the medical industry, the system is necessary and essential.
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