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Maintenance of Domino inkjet printer

  • Author:CHEEF
  • Release on:2019-07-26
Customers call to consult about the maintenance of the jet printer. The equipment condition is as follows: Domino brand machine, which has not been used after installation, has been put in place for about 6-7 years, needs door-to-door maintenance. The technical staff of our company analyzed that the ink road should be blocked completely. The replacement parts and labor costs should be accounted for by the customer. Customers sign contracts after negotiation
Customer will arrange for the delivery of the required goods immediately after payment.Engineers set out to start repairing

Cleaning after starting ink road dismantling

Machine after Module Removal

Engineers assemble machines

After installation, in test

Maintenance completed

Engineers braved the scorching heat and fought for 3 days to restore the machines that customers had placed for 6-7 years.