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How to replace the air filter cotton under the pressure pump of Imaje 9232 / 9410 / 9450 inkjet prin

There are two screws in front of this one, and we'll take them off:

Put the two screws on the back a little loose, and after loosening them we can take them out:

Take it to one side, and we can see the air filter cotton below:

Then we remove the four screws around the air filter cotton:

We've taken it down, we've taken it off, and we've thrown it away

Then we replace a new filter cotton, the filter cotton on the four holes and the above four holes one by one correspondence:

Then install it:

After installing the filter cotton, we restore the pressure pump to its original position and install the first two screws:

The front two screws are installed, and the back screws only need to be tightened a little.