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How to operate the first ink supply of domino A120 inkjet printer?

Let's put the ink tank here first:

Put the solvent tank on this side:

Then pour about 1.2 liters of ink into the ink tank, pour 0.825 liters or 1 liters of solvent into the solvent box, and tighten the lid.

Then, the machine is received, and the machine needs to be vented if it is used for the first time. First press this key to enter the premium service password:

Then enter "c h a u c e r" in this interface and press the confirm key:

Once we enter this interface, we enter "b l e e d" and press the confirm key and it will be vented:

When it is shown that the exhaust is complete, we press the back key to return to the main interface:

Then take a look at whether the printhead is dirty here:

If it is not dirty, we can hold down this key for a few seconds and it will boot normally: