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How to open the nozzle of Imaje 9232 / 9410 / 9450 inkjet printer?

Click on "Tools":

There's a "nozzle maintenance operation" in the tool

Click "OK"

Then, there's a "through nozzle" and "solvent suction":

If you click "Get through the nozzle", the nozzle will always crack here:

To see if the ink line is open, if the ink line is open to the recycling tank, you can click "Close ink line":

If you can't get through the nozzle, we can click solvent inhalation

If you choose to inhale the solvent, spray the cleaning liquid into the nozzle with the cleaning liquid, let it suck in and suck the dirty things in

If the nozzle has not been opened, continue to open the nozzle,  "Solvent suction" and "open nozzle" these two to cycle until the ink line is very stable

We can click on the "ink line stability check" to see the stability of the ink line, that is to say, hit the location of the recycling tank, whether jitter:

Then after all is OK, we can click "close the ink line", and then we wash this side of the nozzle, there are dirty places, we can clean it:

For example, recycling tank, as long as there is dirty place, you can wash it clean.Then, after washing, be sure to blow dry.

After blow-drying, we click "Start Ink Line"

Then, we heard the sound of recycling, indicating that the ink line has been opened

Observe whether the position of ink line is in the middle of the recovery tank. This is not possible to adjust its position. It is fixed. If the ink line is not hit the recovery tank, the ink line is biased, there must be only one result, that is, our nozzle is blocked:

In general, the motor speed is generally below 3000, in 1500, 1600 or 2000 or so is the best:

Then, the pressure must be less than 3:

Our ink speed is around 19.9:

And then in this state it's okay:

And then the green light "Ready":

Now it means that our machine is all right.