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How to disassemble the ink diverter block and solenoid valves of Domino A320 inkjet printer?

To remove the ink shunt, we first unplug the relevant lines:

Then we take two fixing screws off for it:

This ink shunt block can be taken out:

When we remove it, be careful not to lose the lids on the pump:

After removing it, the valve is removed in the same way as the A plus.

This is the ink detector, we just need to spin it off and take it down:

All the tubes on the ink shunt block should press the head down first, and then pull the pipe up, and the pipe can be pulled out:

Then we'll see how the valves are removed, and we'll take all the retaining rings off the coils first:

The retaining ring of these solenoid coils in front should also be removed.

Then we take all the coils off:

Then, find a cloth under the ink shunt block to prevent ink leakage.

These solenoid valves from 1 to 6 in turn are cleaning valves, solvent valves, exhaust valves, flushing valves, viscosity valves, ink supply valves:

By removing the two fixing screws of each valve, we can remove the solenoid valve:

All solenoid valves have been removed:

Then we disassemble a solenoid valve and look at its internal structure. We take the screws off the solenoid valve and then we can see the elasticity of its spring, and some valves don't work because it's stuck in ink:

Then let's see if its O-ring breaks and replace it if it breaks: