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How to clean an inkjet printer

  • Author:Sophia
  • Release on:2016-09-06

  Inkjet printerCleaning is also an important part of the printer's routine maintenance and maintenance,Inkjet printerThe clear and simple can generally be done automatically by a machine. Metronic Roth


Virgin brand inkjet printer itself with a key to cleaning procedures, so that we can greatly save labor time and reduces the technical requirements of the operator. Although spray


Code machine with its own cleaning, machine cleaning and routine maintenance or can not use the printer cleaning fluid.


    In general, the cleaning fluids are equipped with direct manufacturers, corresponding to different models. The major components of the cleaning liquid for the ink used in the machine, to dissolve, so that the residual


Stay out of the ink inside the machine. Especially those with larger ink molecules, such as pigment-based ink, the ink remaining inside the machine will be to produce valves and pump


Congestion, even damaged. Timely cleaning, reducing the likelihood that these situations arising.


    Into a variety of cleaning fluid, the cleaning fluid mainly acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, amyl ketone, alcohol and so on, which indicates that different cleaning corresponding liquid ink will be different. Cleaning fluid do


Pipes and diverse, but the compound itself is flammable, so use the time saved and the fire must be strict to prevent catastrophic accidents.