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Continuous inkjet printer

  • Author:Sophia
  • Release on:2016-09-07

Continuous inkjet technology

ininksupplyPumpUnder pressure, the ink from the ink tank through an ink conduit, adjust the pressure, viscosity, enterspray gunWith the sustained pressure, the ink is ejected from the nozzle, the ink throughnozzle, The role of piezoelectric crystal that breaks into a series of successive, equally spaced and the same size of ink droplet ejecting ink flows continue to move lower through the charger is charged ink droplet is separated from the line in the charging pole. Charger plus a certain voltage, when the ink droplet is separated from the conductive ink line will bring out the charging poles voltage proportional to the applied negative charge in an instant. By varying the charge electrode voltage frequency to match the frequency of the same droplet rupture, which can charge to each droplet has a predetermined negative charge, under continued pressure, the ink flow continues to move downward, respectively, from two with positive and negative voltage intermediate deflector plate by charged droplet passes through the deflector plate deflection occurs, the deflection depends on how much electric charge, uncharged drop deflection does not occur, all the way down the flight, the inflow recovery pipe ultimately recovered through the pipe back to the ink tank recycling. Charged and deflected ink droplets at a certain speed and angle from the front of the vertical fall on the head of passing objects.