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Domino A320 solenoid valves installation and the removal of the pump and ink interface plate!

When installing solenoid valves, these holes do not confuse, if installed wrong, will leak ink:

Install the solenoid valves first, and then we tighten the fixing screws uniformly:

Then let's see how the pump is going to be disassembled. If we want to remove the pump, we have to go to the back of the machine to remove it. There are two screws on the pump, and we'll take them off first:

Then pull it out and the pump will be pulled out:

Let's see how the ink interface board is removed. All we have to do is remove the four screws above and unplug the line opposite, and the interface board can be taken down:

Then, if we remove the power supply, let's take the four screws off both sides of the power supply:

Then unplug the lines that connect it to the motherboard and the power is removed:

Then remove the user interface board, we take off its fixed screws, the user interface board can be removed.