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Outdoor face mask headwear

  • Author:laraine
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-13

Seamless turban is the most popular outdoor headwear of equipment in recent years. A small piece of cloth, after magic ligation, it can produce a variety of effects, which cater to the young and creative requirements. Today I will provide you many funny usages of it.

1, Most original practices, set it on your head. Down part behind, you can tie a knot. You also can wrap hair like a Muslim women, feel mysterious.

2, Shorty scarf over and set in the ear and brow place, partially straightened, rotated several times, open the bag on your head.

3, Wind shelter, with a scarf wrapped from head to face except one eye, breathable and wind-sand desert, wind or snow are very effective. Helmet liner when riding or rock climbing, not good to wear a helmet, lined hood strapped to his head, all the troubles are solved

4, Put the headband around the eyes, then turn into a temporary patch.

5,Put the scarf around the neck, looks very cool, snow couldn't come in, too. Beauty also not freezing.

6, Masks based on the collar, pull it under the eyes can be a turban, wrapped up his ears, very warm.



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