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How about your Afternoon tea?

  • Author:Sandy
  • Source:SLUN Gifts
  • Release on:2015-07-12
    Tea culture originated from the earliest afternoon tea nation is ancient China, tea culture has always been known for. However, with the development of the times, the development of British tea culture will approach an established customs. British drinking habits began in 1661. At that time, a Portuguese princess Catherine of Bragan & ccedil; a and King Charles II married the Portuguese princess drinking habits to England. 

    In the seventeenth century, breakfast British society is very rich, lunch is simple, and social dinner until about eight p.m. began, people accustomed to around four p.m. a snack, a cup of tea. One of them really know how to enjoy life in the name of Countess Anna Maria, every afternoon she would sent the maid to prepare a pot of tea and snacks for her, she felt this feeling so good, he invited friends to share. Soon, afternoon tea will be popular in British society.

    Although the afternoon tea is both stylish and traditional habits,I recommend a lovely silicone tea infuse.Silicone tea infuse,not only smart,also can be a gift to your friend.

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