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Typhoon is coming to Suzhou

  • Author:laraine
  • Source:Chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-11

In these 2 days, big wind blows in Suzhou, the weather temperature is very cool, not hot at all. Because Typhoon is coming.

According to the meteorological station reported, The 9th Typhoon "Chan Hung" yesterday 14 o'clock is located in latitude 18.3 degrees, and n 136.3 degrees. Distance our province Sha Cheng East South about 1900 km of Northwest Pacific Ocean Shang, Center near maximum wind 12 level (33 m/s, Typhoon level), Center most depression 97,500 PA, is expected to "Chan Hung" will to each hours 20 km around of speed continues to to Northwest direction mobile, strength gradually strengthening, will be strengthening to super strong typhoon before and after, and into East Southeast waters, Maybe on the 11th landed in Fujian and Zhejiang coast during the day.

The Central Meteorological Observatory posted a message yesterday: there are three typhoons coexist this time. Since the early morning of July 4, "Chan Hung", "Lotus" and "Nangka" exist in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. The Central meteorological station said Gao Shuanzhu, chief forecaster, 65 years in 1949 to 2014, nearly 100 times of three typhoons exists at the same time. Average of 1.5 times a year. But there were for a short time, the shortest only exist for a few hours. Therefore, This time the Typhoon coexist for a long time are relatively rare.

In this weekend, you’d better stay at home, in case blowed away by these 3 super typhoons.