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While Young,hurry to go camping Now!

  • Author:sandy
  • Source:SLUN GIFT
  • Release on:2015-07-10
     While we are not old,hurry to go camping now!Let's see the best destination to go camping trip around the world.

1. Tajikistan - Muddy lake; 

2. Peru - Inca trail; 

3. Oregon - crater lake; 

4. Canada's boreal forest - the aurora borealis of , 

5. Washington - Sahale glacier camp; 

6. Montana - Glacier National Park.

7. Peru - blanca mountains; 

8. Iceland - vatnajokull ice sheets; 

9. Joshua tree national park, California

     When camping,the safe is the most important things.The paracord is indispensable for you.It not only not occupy a space,but the bearing is high.
     If you boring during the night,you also could use the paracode to DIY a bracelet.
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