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SLUN Promotional Gifts Attend the International Website Share Meeting

  • Author:Sandy
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-02

     At present, the world economic downturn. Although China's economy in steady state, but in recent days the stock market drop stop continuously. In today's overall economic environment, China's trade is becoming in a more and more serious hard situation. Not only orders fell, the orders was slow.

     Recently, the FTA is also opened in suzhou. The government provide a lot of support for the trade.

As a production and trade integration company, we should demand more ways to develop our market, improve the marketing channels. To participate in e-commerce, work with alibaba, and establish the international web site search engine optimization (seo).

     Yesterday, 12  companies in Suzhou, to build international web site through SEO

, gathered at the Houdry to exchange our ideas. All of us to share our harvest and problems. More and more people, more powerful. 

     We believe that through our hard work, the website will be better and better.

     Come on! We will be in the promotional gifts industry leader