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The tents classify and styles

  • Author:Candy
  • Source:chinapromotionalgifts
  • Release on:2015-07-02

There are many tents in the maket, they are divided into two categories in our tent industry, one is "climbing", applicable to harsh weather conditions for mountaineering, adventure more complex climate. The other is the "Tourist" for general hiking, camping design. Apparently the later dominated the main trend. There are a few categories.

Four Seasons tents: for camping most consumers love the design, taking into account the seasons, these products generally have a large double door, one is the use of a mesh ventilation for three quarters, breathable fabric layer is used warm in winter, this structure is the biggest feature of the Four Seasons account.

Three quarters of tents: for spring, summer, autumn and designed for the ordinary person most practical outdoor tent camping. In the south, a good three quarters of account even able to cope with a base year of camping ALICE requirements. Three quarters posted very good ventilation, waterproof outer tent fabric general index between 1500mm to 2000mm, this fabric is more than sufficient for general rainfall. Currently manufacturers to reduce costs, more and more use Neizhang full mesh structure, rainfly not even set up the vents, but the use of external accounts and internal accounts sufficiently isolated to increase ventilation.

Family tents: In Europe and Japan and South Korea, this car is very popular class tent. Is characterized by large space, generally divided into the main hall and the bedroom is a good family gathering equipment.

According to shape classification can be divided into five styles:

A. Triangle tent, before herringbone iron pipe for the stent, a rail connection in the middle frame, propped Inner tent, fitted rainfly can be, which is the most common early style tent.

B. dome-shaped tent, also known as a yurt-style, with double rod cross-bracing, disassembly are relatively simple, is the market's most popular styles.

C. hexagonal tent, with three pole or four-pole cross support; and some with six-pole design, focusing on the stability of the tent, is a common style "alpine" tent.

D. bottom shaped tent, propped up like a Flip back over the boat, can be divided into two shots, three shots different support, the general in the middle of the bedroom, two for the hall roof, designed to focus on anti-romantic line, It is a common one style tent.

E. roof-shaped tent, its shaped like a separate small tile-roofed house, the support is usually four corners four columns, shelving ridge of the roof of a formula, this tent is generally relatively tall, relatively heavy, suitable for motorists or relative camping stationary field operations, it is known car tent.