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Videojet DOD large character printer Unicorn I carton inkjet printerVideojet DOD large character printer Unicorn I carton inkjet printer

Videojet DOD large character printer Unicorn I carton inkjet printer

  • Name: Videojet DOD printer Unicorn I 
  • Model: Unicorn I 
  • Inkjet printer speed : 6.1 to 61 m/min (20 – 200 ft/min)
  • Message length : Up to 40 characters
  • Message storage capacity : 52 messages
  • Ink : 0.23 L (8 fl oz) non-aerosol ink bottle

Q1: What is the DOD inkjet printer?
A: It means Drop-on-demand,
In this method, drops of ink are released individually, on demand, by a voltage signal. Released drops fall vertically without any trajectory manipulation. Commercial printheads can have tens to thousands of nozzles.
The two leading technologies for forcing ink out of a nozzle on demand are thermal DOD and piezoelectric DOD. Additional technologies include electrospray, acoustic discharge, electrostatic membrane and thermal bimorph.
Q2:Which products print need to use dod inkjet printer?
A:Used on the big surface, and need the large characters, like more than 2cm,
normally used on the industry like cement, Petrochemical plant, steel board,
plasterboard and so on.
Q3: Which type of dod inkjet printer?
 A: There are two types, one is handheld ,it means printers can be hold by hands,used for the printed products are big, and can not be moved, another is on line type of dod inkjet printer, which is used on production line or conveyor,
for the goods which can be moved.
Q4: If your printer can be used on production conveyor?
 A: Yes,sure,our inkjet printer can be used on production line or with the conveyor.
Q5: How many years of the Warranty Time?
A:Normally is 1 year, within this period we will send spare part free to you if there are any problems with them (except artificial damage).
Q6:How is the quality?
A:Quality of products will be strictly checked and every machine will be test to ensure it can works well before packaging.
Q7:What you can do for us except provide printer and ink?
A: We can provide technical services,lifelong service,file services,language,and training,and so on.
Technical services: We have professional engineers available to service machinery overseas, once we receive your inquiry about fault, we will reply you within 24 hours, and offer you any technical service about machine.
Lifelong Services: We provide lifelong services for all the products we sold out, and supply the spare parts with competitive price.
File Services:  We can supply Manual Specification, Operating Video and other files you need.
Language: We have a professional sales team who are good at English to ensure zero communication barriers.
Training:We can provide training for your guys, you can send your guys to our factory, we are responsible for your training them.
Q8:Which material can be print?
A:Metal, plastic, paper, glass, wood, stone, etc.
Q9:Which content of your printer can be print?
A:Lattice, logo, entities, letters, numbers, expiry date , production date, batch code etc.
Q10:What is the minimum and maximum height of content of your printer print?
A:7dots: 10mm-24mm
The minimum is 10mm, and the maximum is 126mm.
According to your print size, and choose the different height of printer.
Q11: Which color of printer ink we can choose?
A:Black , white ,red ,blue colors.  
Q12:What information I need to provide with you ,to choose the appropriate printer?
A: In order to provide with you good solution about printers,please provide us with below information:
1). Products for printing
2). Content for printing ,like if need print logo.
3). Print lines for the printing
4). If have the production speed request?
Q12:What is the strong points of your products?
A: 1) Has the auto-wash function in order not to block system.
   2) Have a continuous play function, the machine automatically switch to the next one after printing a message
   3) Lithium battery, can be used for more than 24 hours for the handheld type printer or use wire to plug on the jack.
   4) Machine using Gas-Liquid separation method to ensure machine 's stable
   5)Has english interface ,and using the stainless steel  material to ensure the quality.
Q13: How to ship it?
 A:We provide the express, air shipping and sea shipping according to your order quantity or using your forwarder.We will provide the best suitable and economical shipping for you to choose. 
Q14: How to place an order?
 A: You could place an order on trade assurance or place to us directly.

Q15: How to contact us?
 A: You could email us  ( ,wechat/whatsapp/Tel.: +86-181-6857-5767 or send us inquiry through below.

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