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TIJ online inkjet printer CF-829TIJ online inkjet printer CF-829TIJ online inkjet printer CF-829TIJ online inkjet printer CF-829

TIJ online inkjet printer CF-829

  • Product Name:TIJ online inkjet printer CF-829

Q1: What is a TIJ machine?

A: TIJ uses thermal foaming technology, which is similar to that of office printers. Printing is clear, simple and convenient.

Different from the CIJ small character inkjet printer, it is simple and convenient to operate, and the defect is that the product needs to be very close to the surface of the object.

Unlike CIJ small character inkjet printers, the nozzle can be far away from the product surface.


Q2: What consumables does the TIJ printer use?

A: TIJ's coding machine only needs ink cartridges, no solvents. Save more consumables.


Q3. What are the types of TIJ machines?

A: TIJ's machines can be divided into online and handheld. In online, the nozzle does not move, and the product is printed in a flowing state.

The handheld TIJ machine does not move the product, the machine is moving, hold it in the hand for printing.


Q4. In what colors are the ink cartridges of TIJ machines?

A: There are black, white, red, blue, yellow, etc., black is commonly used, and black has the lowest cost.


Q5. What are the types of ink cartridges for TIJ machines?

A: There are two types of ink cartridges: water-based and dry. The type of ink cartridge is mainly determined by the nature of the surface of the printed object. For example, for printing on paper, you can use water-based ink cartridges, and use dry ones for plastic surfaces. Ink cartridges, dry ink cartridges are conventionally used. Dry ink cartridges mean quick drying time, and the cost is slightly higher than that of water-based ink cartridges.


Q6. Which applications can be printed with TIJ machines?

A: Normally flat objects, and printing where the print head is close to the surface of the object, can use TIJ machines.


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