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Inkjet printer peripheral equipment Semi-automatic folding and sealing machine CF-HPC-50

Inkjet printer peripheral equipment Semi-automatic folding and sealing machine CF-HPC-50

  • This series is an unmanned model. The top cover of the carton is automatically folded in, and the top and bottom are automatically sealed. It is suitable for cartons of the same specification in the same time period;
  • The transmission design is driven by belts on both sides, suitable for lighter cartons,
  • Within the applicable carton specifications, manual adjustment of different specifications carton
  • Semi-automatic folding and sealing machine CF-HPC-50                              
  • 1. Carton specifications: L200-600 *W150-500*H150-500MM
  • 2. Applicable adhesive tape: 48/60/72mm*900 yards/L OPP (use one of them)
  • 3. Operating voltage: 220V, 1∮, 50HZ.
  • 4. Power: 400W
  • 5. Belt speed: 17.5 m/min.
  • 6. Table height: 600-750 (mm) adjustable.
  • 7. Applicable air pressure: 5kg/cm²-100nl/min.
  • 8. Mechanical size: L1776.5*W850*H1520mm
  • Mechanical configuration:
  • 1. Motor: Taibang
  • 2. Cylinder: AirTAC
  • 3. Travel switch: OMRON / Ouyue
  • 4. Solenoid valve: Airtac
  • 5. Blade: domestic
  • 6. AC contactor, intermediate relay, button switch group: Schneider
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