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brighter prospects of inkjet printer

  • Author:Sophia
  • Release on:2016-09-12
  Accelerate the pace of new product development focused on inkjet drinks, beer, Mineral water and other industries, but also began to wire and cable, food, cigarettes, batteries and other industry. Coding function in addition to its production date is clear, you can also keep track of potential problems, to prevent counterfeiting, etc., it can be said that the food industry is the largest market for inkjet printer. Current inkjet ink can be divided into two major categories of inkjet printer and laser printer. Ink inkjet printer product development early, the price is relatively cheap laser machine, still market-driven. Inkjet ink jet ink according to the principles of continuity and instructions into the injection; divided by font size small font large font; print speed divided by ultra high-speed, high-speed, standard speed, slow; divided by the power source and external source internal air supply. It is understood that the laser printer lift waves, laser inkjet printer market has become a new bright spot. Since the laser ink jet printer is a permanent marker can not be erased, that permanently identifies a particular product can help identify counterfeit goods with the real thing looks very similar, but the absence of laser printing, can easily be identified, Therefore, the laser printer has an effective anti-counterfeiting features.