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The advabtages of laser inkjet printer

  • Author:sophia
  • Release on:2016-08-31

Advantages of laser printer have the following main aspects:

1, lower production costs, reduce supplies and increase productivity.

2, anti-counterfeit effect is obvious, laser printing technology can effectively identify counterfeit products play an inhibitory effect.

3, is conducive to product track record, you can play laser inkjet printer product batch production date, shift and so on. So that each product can get a good tracking performance.

4, increase the added value that can make products appear higher grade. Enhance brand awareness.

5, reliable equipment, laser marking (coding) machine with a mature industrial design, stable and reliable performance, 24 hours of continuous work, maintenance-free lasers up to more than 20,000 hours. Wide temperature range (5 ℃ -45 ℃), widely used in various sectors of production of packaging.