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New Design TIJ handheld printer

As a dark horse in the printer industry, TIJ handheld printer is becoming hot in recent years. Many industries, such as the food and cosmetics, are preferred to the reform of the printers.

Our company is committed to the development of printers, and the model Cheef-SM3S meets the satisfaction of many customers.

Simple to this tij handheld inkjet printer.
1. Main features: stainless steel case( black aluminum shell), color touch screen
2. Basic parameters: the weight is 1.2kg, and the size is 130x128x200mm
3. The printing range: 360 degree omni-directional printing, whether onward to any code.
4. Spray into the number one to eight lines: it is adjustable.
5. Spray printing height: 2mm-13mm (adjustable) can be sprayed, and on the other plus nozzle (can be increased to 50mm)
6. Automatic printing: date, time, number, frequency and serial number (with the time change)
7. The use of quick drying ink: environmental protection printing ink, water-based ink, oily ink, and the ink color can be black, red, blue, yellow, green, etc
8. password case for package.

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