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Install the recovery pump with its ink splitter and solenoid valve and tubes for Videojet 1000

This is the recovery pump:

Let's assemble the accessories for the recovery pump first:

Let's put it on top of the recycling pump and install the screws:

We installed the ink diversion block:

Then we install the screws on the side of it:

We install the solenoid valve on the recovery pump in this position:

The recycling pump is installed:

Then we install it in the machine,

Let's put it here and install the two screws:

We are going to connect four tubes to the four interfaces of the recovery pump:

Let's install the recycling tube first:

Then we install this blue cleaning tube and this orange tube:

Let's just install the exhaust pipe here:

Pipes installation complete:

Then the installation of the pipe and the recovery pump is complete: